Meet Kimberley

Hi and thanks for visiting!

I am so pumped to be a part of this Master Mind Alliance, Master Key Experience and I am grateful for my friend Ryan for sharing this Scholarship with me.

I’m a mom of 3, all grown with lives of their own. Yes the nest is empty and it’s time for a refill.

My passion is true health and liberty.
After finding out I had Fibromyalgia, it was like my life was over. I felt like; really, what was the point of going forward.
MD’s had no answers. All that was offered; was Meds to mask the 24/7 pain; which in turn, caused even more issues with my health.

My mentor pointed me in the right direction and I am happy to say that I am 100% pain free.

I enjoy hiking, taking photos of nature, cooking healthy meals, gardening and travel.
I adore cats, dogs are okay; unless big or loud.


Myself and this blog are a work in progress and I am Thankful to Father for this gift of Life.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you and see what’s going on for you!