Master Key Week 6

Now if it is in grace, it is no longer out of works, else the grace is coming to be no longer grace. Romans 11:6 CLV

My Mentor posted this at Just the Right Time.
funny how that works, eh?

The Definition: A commitment is a decision to do something, to be something, no matter the obstacles; no matter whether you still feel like it next week, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how many times you fail, no matter what results you are creating. A commitment pays no attention to the outcome, other than to refine strategy. Results do not alter the commitment to persevere.

Then He went when to say ~ Ask Yourself, am I committed?
If you answer happens to be No, then are you willing to grow toward commitment?

Am I Going to do what I’ve always done? Or Go for the Hard.
Will I choose to live in the, experience? Or Go for a Total Rewrite. ReGenesis.

fork-2115485__480My Answer is Yes, I am willing to grow toward commitment.

Master Key Experience so far.
I Love the structure of the Daily reading.
The Daily sits have become a lifesaving for calming my mind. So thankful for the sits.
Linking Shapes and Colors was challenging at first; then began to make sense. Looking forward to having these Shapes/Triggers; placed throughout the house.
Biggest Hurdle so far.
I have been asked to write my Definite Major Purpose. Herein lies, the lie i’ve told myself AND the lies; others told me; for so long. your worthless, ugly, stupid, etc; can’t do or say anything right, so why brother. I have banged my head against this piece of cement for so long; it’s become a become a habit.

So one of our readings before we go to bed is this one. Then we are to look at ourselves and say; “I Love Kimberley”.
Sure wasn’t prepared for how hard that was.

I am Learning to Dream again.

Thanks for reading

Peace is Yours.




8 thoughts on “Master Key Week 6

  1. Powerful words. So glad you are breaking off the cement. You and everyone out there deserves a beautiful life. We are amazing amd made in the image of God. We are His creation. We are all here for a purpose. Be kind be loving and be a light.


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