Master Key Week 3

Think On These Things

9 What you learned also, and accepted and hear and perceived in me, these be putting into practice, and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4 CLT

Rode Trip!


Spent this week with our daughter. A picturesque, 4 hour drive north of where we live… (will add more later I’m off to bed.)
….with the looming 3rd revision of my DMP; I wondered if I’d even be able to stick to the reading schedule.
Started strong! Our daughter; provided for me a room and a desk; and after spending some time with my guide; I am happy to say…I like this revision.

Most importantly; I found myself Way more centered; as a whole.
The old blueprint can be moody, to say the least.
A very welcome change. Just as Scroll 1 promises.

Today I begin a new life.
I just love that each time I read that line…Means; at that moment…I begin anew. Each time that thought is read/said; a reset is set in motion. A New beginning. No need to stress about the old/the 1 second ago.

Peace Is Yours


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